Meet the Candidates

If you are a member of NYC ACM SIGGRAPH you can expect a ballot for this years elections in your mailbox shortly. Here are the candidates you will find on the ballot

Michael Hosenfeld

Candidate for President


Michael Hosenfeld is a Visual Effects Supervisor for film and TV, as well as an Associate Professor of Digital Arts & Design at New York Institute of Technology. Based on his education in Industrial Design, he joined the VFX industry in the mid 90s, worked on feature films in the German branch of Toronto-based c.o.r.e. Digital pictures, and eventually moved to NYC to teach at New York University, the Center for Advanced Digital Applications and later at New York Institute of Technology. He joined the Board of Directors of NYC ACM SIGGRAPH in 2003, and also served as its President from 2007-2010 and 2018-2020.


Serving on the board of directors since 2003, and presently its President for a second term, I understand my role as a facilitators for our board and our members to develop new ideas for events that reflect the ever changing variety of computer graphics applications in our community. To support our board in its efforts to create new and exciting events, but also to increase the involvement of our community it is crucial to further develop our outreach and the communication with our members, and the entire community, especially in these difficult times during COVID when we can’t gather in groups. But moving events online also opens new opportunity to reach audiences that would not be able to commute to an actual venue, and to offer small and specialized presentations hard to accommodate in a costly venue. And so I hope to hear from our membership. Get involved.

Wobbe F. Koning

Candidate for Treasurer


As associate professor I head the animation program at Monmouth University in New Jersey. I received a BFA from the Netherlands Film and Television Academy in Amsterdam and a MFA in Art and Technology from the Ohio State University. I have been an active member of ACM SIGGRAPH ever since I was a student volunteer back in 1998 and am currently the Education Committee resources sub-committee chair. As an independent digital artist I created many animations that have been shown at numerous festivals. My latest work is (3D printed) stop motion animation.


I joined NYC ACM SIGGRAPH when I moved to the NYC area in 2005 and became a member of the board shortly thereafter. ACM SIGGRAPH has played an important role in shaping my career as a digital artist. Giving others the opportunity I had to benefit from the organization is an important motivation behind my involvement both in the chapter and at the national level.
I have been serving as treasurer for a while now. The chapter is in currently good shape financially and I intend to keep it that way. I am precise, conscientious and willing to continue to manage the chapter’s finances.
I have been acting as web-master for as long as I’ve been with the chapter, and recently launched a new incarnation of it. Our MetroCAF festival is one of the events I am involved in and whenever I can I like to show new work at BYOA.

Patty K. Wongpakdee

Candidate for Director At Large


I am a New York City based graphic artist and a tenured associate professor of graphic design at New York Institute of Technology, New York. For over 15 years, I have been committed to providing students with a strong fundamental knowledge of industry standards while encouraging creative thinking and problem solving skills.

I am passionate about the up-cycling objective. Art Without Waste: 500 Upcycle & Earth-Friendly Designs, is a book (Rockport Publisher) where I curated and showcased cutting-edge designers, illustrators and artists from around the world, whose work often incorporates eco-friendly principles such as up-cycling, with sustainability as a central goal of their work.

I’m also a recipient of the In-house Design Award from Graphic Design USA. The award recognizes her pro-bono graphic design work for the American Cancer Society, New York City. Her art and design work has been shown in several juried exhibitions in traditional and online galleries, various print and digital publications.


As a professor, I have encouraged creative thinking and problem-solving skills to my students while providing a fundamental knowledge of industry standards and expectations. The events produced by NYC ACM SIGGRAPH has permitted students a unique glimpse into various creative careers; allowing the attendees to learn from industry leaders and understand how they can participate in the ever-changing landscape of digital art and design. Human interaction with digital art and design has become more intertwined through unique ways of mixing different types of media. The combination of art and technology with the inclusion of science and engineering has reshaped the visual communication experience by engaging the viewer in a multi-dimensional manner that is unique to each observer/user. My interest lies within multi-disciplinary collaboration that motivates the re-imagination of digital art and design projects with emphasis on eco-friendly designs that limits environmental impact. As an educator and visual communicator, I also believe in the organization’s mission to “foster the synthesis of art and technology while promoting and educating …innovative ideas.” As a board member, I would assist NYC ACM SIGGRAPH with their continued efforts to provide noteworthy events to an interested community. I would like to help plan, coordinate and work with various designers, artists, scientists and technology experts to help produce events that are leading edge with stimulating discussions within the digital arts and design industry. Thank you and I hope to be considered for a position as a board member of NYC ACM SIGGRAPH.

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