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2010 Election Results

As a result of the elections that were conducted this summer, a number of new volunteers will be joining the NYC ACM SIGGRAPH Board of Directors.

Both candidates for officer have been elected:

  • Scott Lang, Chair
  • Wobbe F. Koning, Treasurer

The proposed bylaw changes have been approved. One of the changes is a reduced size of the Board, going from ten Directors-At-Large to six. Of the seven candidates for these six positions, five were elected outright. We are pleased to welcome the following people to our Board as Director-At-Large:

  • Michelle Barfoot
  • Terry Nauheim
  • Steve Rittler
  • Mechtild Schmidt
  • Andrzej Zarzycki

There is a tie for the sixth position. Jaime Ekkens and Gary Giambalvo received the same amount of votes and will both be invited to work with the NYC ACM SIGGRAPH Board of Directors over the coming months as we look to fill in not only the last Director At Large position but also our open officer positions.


The complete election tallies will be posted on the web site at a later date.


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