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Tiffany Yu

Candidate for Director at Large


I'm an artist living in NYC with my 8 years old pit bull. I graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology with a BFA in Graphic Design and later returned to pursue a degree in Computer Animation & Interactive Media. I'm currently painting, drawing and learning with the goal of becoming a matte painting/concept artist in the professional field. (would also love to dabble in the VR area.)


I want to be a member of the NYC ACM SIGGRAPH Board of Directors because I want to be involved in the arts community, connecting with other artists who share similar passion as mine. I believe in giving back and helping fellow artists grow and learn together. Knowing how important it is to receive constructive criticism and professional insight to help students transition into the professional filed, I would love to see NYC ACM SIGGRAPH develop portfolio review program for students. Another program would be to have apprenticeship or maybe studio visits. I would love to help with organizing events and interact with the art community. I feel my interest and active learning about the entertainment/film industry can bring some helpful insight and perspective to the arts community especially for students who are looking to learn more about the field.

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