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David Vega

Candidate for Director at Large


Python enthusiast with a background in computer graphics. I obtained my Bachelor Degree of Science in Computer Animation from Full Sail University and currently work at Rockstar Games developing tools for artist. I have been involved with SIGGRAPH since being a student volunteer for SIGGRAPH 2011 and joined Fort Lauderdale ACM SIGGRAPH shortly after to help maintain and grow the local community of computer graphic students, enthusiasts, and professionals.


Computer Graphics today is made up of much more than just Film and Visual Effects. As new technologies emerge and current tech becomes more ingrained in our lives, skills in computer graphics have not only become more valuable but transcend into different industries. Students and enthusiasts are often blinded by lure of working on major film or series to realize there are other job opportunities they can pursue. Similarly industry professionals who are interested in switching professions sometimes find themselves wondering where they can go with their unique skill sets.

I want to raise awareness of these new technologies by working with NYC ACM SIGGRAPH and other local groups. I hope to do so by hosting workshops and events about the use of computer graphics in gaming, fashion, medicine, architecture, etc. where participants can learn how to use their valuable knowledge in other lines of work. In doing so I also hope to have SIGGRAPH collaborate with other local organizations to create a bigger community and have more events to keep our members involved in our activities.

I have in the past had similar roles with Fort Lauderdale ACM SIGGRAPH and hope to continue supporting our community here in NYC.

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