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Bill Hewes

Candidate for Director at Large


Currently Executive Producer and Managing of the Th1ng Group in the US. Have worked in animation and visual VFX for over 20 years. Former Executive Producer at, Filmtecknarna and Digital Kitchen(both in LA and founding the NY office) As an Executive Producer pioneered VFX and animation techniques including work in After Effects and motion control at companies like Apogee and 1/33. Have been very active in creative management in the areas where design, animation, VFX and live action photography meet.


  1. NYC ACM  SIGGRAPH  is has  more than doubled it's membership in the past year and has offered unprecedented programs and events.I have enjoyed serving on the board during this time. And it addition have enjoyed working with the people on the board, a dedicated and talented group and have enjoyed meeting and working with the volunteers and members.    ACM SIGGRAPH  is a much needed enitity  and it will grow in importance in a rapidly changing industry. The role of animators and designers is rapidly increasing in the film, television, corporate and non profit worlds. And anyone who communicates has an increasing number of ways to do it.
  2. NYC ACM SIGGRAPH'S growth is in tandem with many new technological advances affecting the communication and the arts. I look forward to continuing NYC ACM SIGGRAPH's  partnerships, both formal and informal between industry ,artists, academia and other not for profit professional organizations.
  3. I would be happy to serve on any committee where someone is needed, provided I have the requisite expertise.
  4. My interests are varied and overlap between personal and professional. Mentoring is of great interest. A number of years helping to both develop young talent, counseling students on their creative work and working with highly established  animators, directors, artists, thinkers and developers, offers an excellent perspective. I am able to provide a broad professional point of view to SIGGRAPH. In my daily work I am called upon to organize. communicate and provide judgement and lead by consensus. Communication and expression in all it's forms is perhaps the one overall interest,  for industry, or art.
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